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New Home Stage Inspections

New Home and Renovation Stage Inspections

Why you should get them & the steps involved!

Want to make sure your builder is meeting all the current building standards and finishes required?

New home and renovation stage inspections are completed to ensure that your builder has met current building standards and has complied with the building surveyors requirements, throughout each of the construction phases.

Pricing for each inspection starts from $330 and discounted packages are available for people wanting 3 or more stage inspections completed! Please see the hassle free inspection steps below.

Step 1:
You contact us to seek a quote for new construction inspections.  We provide a series of independent inspections covering the critical building stages.  You can engage us for any one of these inspections or for the full series.  The stages are:

  • Frame Stage
  • Lock-up Stage
  • Fixing Stage
  • Completion Stage (Final Handover)

Step 2:
We recommend you advise your building supervisor that you have engaged an independent property inspector for the duration of the construction. We will then liaise directly with your building supervisor, on your behalf, to arrange suitable times as construction progresses.

Step 3:
Our inspector will carry out the inspection and prepare a separate report for each stage.

Step 4:

Following each inspection, our inspector will go through the report with you verbally, to clarify each point, and then email you a copy.

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Worried your builder is doing things dodgy? We’ll make sure they’re meeting building and finishing standards! 

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