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Dilapidation Inspections

Dilapidation Building Report

A Dilapidation Building Report details the existing condition of a structure, road, footpaths etc. prior to building work being carried out on a neighbouring property. The report will itemise each defect found and also include a photo of each defect.

The inspector will report on all internal and external areas of the structure and, where required, the council assets including roads and footpaths etc. Most councils as part of a development application will require a dilapidation report be carried out on neighbouring structures.

A dilapidation building report is useful in defence if any claims are made by the owner of a neighbouring property against you for damage they believe your building works have caused.

The condition of the property should be agreed to and the report should be signed by both parties prior to building work commencing.


Property Damage

If your property is damaged from neighbouring building or excavation work and this is detailed in our report, this report can be forwarded to the building contractor responsible for causing the damage, so the necessary remedial work can be carried out on your property. If you decide to take legal action against another party for the damage their building or excavation work has caused to your property, it is important that you have thorough written and photographic evidence of the damage caused to your property to support your claim.

Allcheck Property Inspections has extensive experience in providing dilapidation reports. We provide reports for architects and homeowners on single home projects as well as having the capacity to inspect a large number of properties adjacent to large developments.

The cost of a Dilapidation Report will depend on the number and type of properties to be inspected. Please call to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote. Pricing for Dilapidation Inspections start from $265!

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